Physical or Sexual Assaults on a Cruise Ship

Miami, Florida

A cruise ship has a responsibility to create and maintain a safe environment. When you are on the ship, there is no other law, and if they do not take their responsibility seriously, people suffer. Physical and sexual assaults on cruise ships are unfortunately common, and these are often mishandled by cruise ship operators, either by ignoring signs that should have been acted on to prevent the attack or mishandling evidence after the attack.

If you have suffered a physical assault, sexual assault, or rape on a cruise ship, you may be able to pursue compensation for your injuries, and our cruise ship injury attorneys can help. Please contact The Cochran Firm South Florida for a free consultation.

Cruise Lines Put You at Risk for Assault or Rape

When you put yourself in the hands of a cruise line, they have a responsibility to ensure your safety from any type of cruise ship injury. Unfortunately, they often do the exact opposite. You may be more at risk on a cruise ship because:

  • Everyone is encouraged to consume large amounts of alcohol
  • Narrow, twisting corridors on the ship may have poor surveillance
  • Activities late at night encourage you to be out later when there is even less surveillance
  • A cruise ship may practice poor or no discipline among crew
  • A cruise ship may ignore complaints about a crew member until an assault occurs

As a result of this negligence, passengers and crew members are put at risk of attack.

Cruise Lines Often Mishandle the Aftermath of an Assault or Rape

Few of the physical assault, sexual assault, or rape cases that occur on a cruise ship are ever linked to their perpetrator. This is partly due to the mishandling of the case by the cruise ship crew. After an assault occurs, the cruise ship should ensure that:

  • The location of the attack is isolated until law enforcement collects evidence
  • Investigators avoid contamination of the scene with gloves and other special clothing
  • Names and addresses of witnesses should be collected as well as statements
  • The victim's injuries should be thoroughly documented, including:
    • A thorough medical exam by a qualified investigator
    • In the case of a sexual assault, this exam should be done before the victim eats, bathes, takes a shower or goes to the bathroom
    • Detailed photographs

Failure to properly conduct an investigation in the aftermath of an assault can cause you additional trauma because you know the perpetrator has gone unpunished.

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