About Our Cruise Ship Injury Attorneys

Miami, Florida

The attorneys of The Cochran Firm’s South Florida office have unequalled experience in handling cruise ship injury lawsuits. We are based in Miami, Florida, where most cruise ship injury cases are handled. We know the courts and we are known by the courts and the cruise lines.

At The Cochran Firm, we have gathered together some of the best legal minds in the country, all dedicated to the cause of helping people get the best possible results against seemingly impossible odds. If you have suffered an injury as a result of the negligence of a cruise line, it costs you nothing to learn how we can help you. Please contact us today for a free consultation.

Put Our Reputation to Work for You

The Cochran Firm South Florida is part of a nationwide network of law firms started by the late Johnnie Cochran. When you hire us, we put our legal experience, our resources, and our aggressive results-driven strategies to work for you.

Our reputation for success precedes us in every case. We are well-known, and our reputation may mean that the cruise line will come to the table with a larger initial offer. You may not have to go to trial to get the compensation you desire, but we are prepared to go to trial when necessary to get you the compensation you deserve for all types of cruise ship accidents, including:

The compensation you receive will be determined by many factors in your case, but could include compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Free Advice for Cruise Ship Accident Victims

The cruise lines do everything possible to make sure you are not able to get compensation for injuries they will not admit are their fault. Not only do they require that you file your lawsuit in the court of their choosing, most often right here in Miami, but they set the limits for how much time you have to file your claim. This is generally shorter than the statute of limitations set by law for other cases, often as little as a year after the accident, and in many cases you have only six months to file a formal report of your cruise ship injuries.

The worst thing you can do for your case is attempt to start filing without the benefit of counsel. Rather than risk damaging your case, please contact us for a free consultation. We can let you know what outcomes you may be able to achieve and point you in the right direction for successfully pursuing your case.